• Trying to eat healthier
  • Worried about weight gain
  • In need of quick, healthy menu suggestions
  • Looking for healthy eating options on campus
  • Struggling with portions and/or calorie control
  • Having trouble figuring out how to eat healthy on-the-go
  • In need of accountability for what and how you’re eating
  • Considering becoming a vegetarian, vegan or going on a fully raw diet
  • Curious about how to boost your metabolism
  • Considering replacing cvitamins and supplements with real foods
  • Confused by conflicting diet information out there
  • Suffering from low energy
  • Experiencing an eating disorder or had one in the past
  • Trying to manage food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities
  • Managing a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, etc.
If you answered yes to one of the questions above, you could benefit from an individual consultation with a registered dietitian.


  • Special need nutrition consultation: weight gain, loss, vegetarianism, veganism, raw, going gluten free, maternity, sports nutrition ...
  • Guided grocery shopping trip: confused with all the products in the store? You need help reading labels the smart way? You need to chose better healthier ingredients and products? Tiazza will help you navigate the grocery store maze and will go along for a guided grocery shopping trip with you
  • Revamp your kitchen: clean healthy eating starts from your home. You must remove the foods that hinder your progress towards your nutrition goals, so let's start with the kitchen. Tiazza will come to your home, and revamp your kitchen. Get ready to let go of your posessiveness as she will toss some of your foods in your trash!
  • Healthy private cooking class in your home: for the non cooks or those not sure how to switch to cooking low calorie tasty food, this is for you. Tiazza will come to your home and cook an entire meal with you from apertizers to deserts with low calorie ingredients that cater to your taste preferences. You could also invite your friends and family to join you and throw a healthy cooking party in your home. And how about a healthy cooking kids party as a birthday party idea?

One session is usually around 2hours and costs $40/h

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