1 ON 1 Personal training $40/1h session .

A one on one personal training session is just what it's called: PERSONAL! That means the exercise programs are designed specifically for your needs, physical limitations and personality. Tiazza creates a comfortable environment in which you are inspired, focused and driven to meet your fitness goals.

$40/1h session - $300/10 sessions  - $500/20 sessions
1 ON 1  kickboxing $40/1h session

A one on one kickboxing training session with Tiazza focuses on full body training that will help you tone up, lose weight, strengthen your abs and have fun, all while keeping within proper kickboxing technique and form. This training is meant mostly for those who wish to be more focused in their training and learn the fundamentals and skills necessary for self defense but also for those who like to be "distracted" while working out!

$40/1h session - $300/10 sessions  - $500/20 sessions
Small group personal training $20-30/1h session/person 

If you would like company while working out but still hate the big crowds at the gym or in large bootcamps and workout classes, the PACK training sessions could be for you. Invite few friends to join you for a semi-personal training session, have fun with your company and save money.

$30/1h session (2 trainees) - $20/1h session (3+ trainees). Package sessions available
Online Skype training $30/1h session

You don’t even have to leave your living room! If you’re a busy person with a full schedule but still need someone to help lead you through a workout and hold you liable on a lazy day, this is your answer.
Private, convenient, affordable and effective. Tiazza trains you with whatever equipment you have available, as well as your time constraints and limitations. Your workouts will be 100% designed for you and your lifestyle, whether you’re travelling, in the office, or at home.

Tiazza's skype user ID: tiazzarose

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