Tiazza was born and raised as a child in the South Berber Villages of Morocco. She then moved to Casablanca where she went to school, lived and performed until she moved to the US.
She has taught and performed in numerous countries including. Her Arabic roots provide the cultural backdrop from where she draws her dancing influences. Tiazza's style is a mix of traditional Egyptian and modern Egyptian and Lebanese. Tiazza also loves the Turkish cabaret style . Her extreme grace of movement coupled with amazing and colourful costumes will surely delight your guests. With over 15 years of professional experience, Tiazza will sure add excitement, joy and lasting memory to your special event.

Special occasions

Tiazza performs at different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, corporate eventss, special celebrations, holiday events, national and international promotional events and more.

Tiazza is not available for Bachelor parties.

The mission
Tiazza is committed to a full presentation of top quality Oriental Belly Dance show that will enhance and embellish your event, while illustrating the beauty, richness, vibrancy and fun of Arabic music, culture, and dance.

Tiazza will prepare the entire music playlist for your event. The client is responsible for providing the sound system and/or DJ.

Tiazza's shows are oriented to the enjoyment of the whole family. They are full of the artistry, ethnicity and fun of Arabic culture. Elegance and refinement are of most importance.

15-30 min performance: $150
40 min -1h performance: $200

Performance FAQ
Q. How long is the show?
A typical show is between 15-30 minutes. The dancer may use swords, veils and other props. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation, for example, the guest of honor may be asked to belly dance!
Q. Is it appropriate for children?
A. Yes, the belly dance show is family friendly. Children often love to dance, too!
Q. Who provides the music?
A. The belly dancer provides an Arabic music CD or playlist on another device and the venue should provide the sound system (louder is better).
Q. What kind of music is used?
A. Depending on your preference, music can range from classical Arabic to modern pop. Tiazza's music collection also includes Bollywood hits and contemporary Turkish and Persian favorites.
Q. How far in advance should I make the booking?
A. It is always better to book the show sooner than later. If you are flexible about the time that the show begins, last minute shows can often be worked in. We advise you to book the dancer at least a week ahead

Book Now

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1. Date, Time, and Location of your event
2. The type of show preferred: Classic Bellydance routine, Performance & lesson ...
3. Length of the performance desired


Free Bellydance Classes website is Tiazza's official FREE bellydance instruction blog. The blog is meant to help all those interested in the art of belly dance learn the basics and further their knowledge with creative combinations and choreographies.

Tiazza's bellydance style is a mix of Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese and Turkish. Tiazza is Arab and grew up all her life in Casablanca, Morocco where she was first introduced to this dance form and so her style is more traditional. However, she believes that any art form must mix, change and merge with other dance forms to survive. So she is very open to mixing styles and never cares to categorize herself.

Belly Skype

Welcome to a new way to connect with Tiazza
and take your belly dance practice to the next level!

If you would like to go beyond the free belly dance c
lasses on this site and get a one on one private session with Tiazza, Belly Skype sessions are an ideal option!

Make a payment to reserve your spot and email Tiazza to schedule your class.


$40.00 / 1 class
$90.00 / 3 classes
$120.00 / 5 classe

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