Moroccan full course dinner
Recipes from my mom's kicthen

Saturday May 12, 2018 (mothers day weekend)

6.00 - 8.30 pm

Ashland Food Co-op
Community classroom 
300 N. Pioneer St - Ashland

(541) 482-2237

About the class

In this class, I will be cooking a full course meal inspired by the best recipes I learned from mom and I hope you join me in this evening that would mean a lot to me. Thank you for registering for this class and I will be sharing the full menu soon on this page.

My mom has been — and still is — a very skilled and technical cook. She just never had the time to enjoy it the way I do. Our lives have moved in very different directions, and I find it extremely interesting that, feminism, for me, has meant having the freedom to do anything I choose to do. I also have to admit that my life today is a lot easier than my mom's when she was my age.

I only started cooking for myself when I was lonely and homesick as an immigrant in the US, and the food of homeland and childhood made me feel closer to my family, despite the distance between us.

Mom's cooking and her recipes were all down from her parents and grandparents, a continuation of oral traditions and culture from the Berber village where she lives her entire life and where I lives during my childhood before we moved to Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

Although to a mom of 10 kids, we were simply a nuisance in the kitchen, the time spent helping her in the kitchen has taught me a lot about life and food, never wasting food, use every ingredients available and make the best of what I can find and respecting the food and never taking it for granted.

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